A Bit About Me

Me looking a bit awkward
Me looking a bit awkward

Hello, lovely people of the world! To begin with, I’m going to to tell you who I am because you’re all probably sitting there, clueless. Well I hope you are, otherwise that would be pretty creepy if you already knew everything about me *looks around nervously*; I’m a teenage girl named, well that’s kinda obvious, but for those of you that haven’t bothered looking at the webpage url (and don’t worry, you’re not alone) my name is Kate Wren. I like browsing aimlessly for hours on the internet, spending money that I probably don’t have and sitting alone in my bedroom really thinking that I need to tidy it but making up some lame excuse (‘it’s like a museum’; ‘if someone tries to kill me they’ll trip over something and die’etc). So you’re most likely thinking that I’m a bit of a saddo, a weirdo not worth living in the blogging world. Well, let me tell you, that is not the case!

Because I have so many, uh… hobbies (as named above) I have lots of stuff squirelled away behind shelves and dusty pots, as well as many opinions I am desperate to share. But most of the time I’ll probably be reviewing purchases for the benefit of you so you don’t end up doomed at the expense of that very pricey shower gel that failed to impress you. And no, I won’t be reviewing the old unsharpened pencil I got the other day at the jumble sale (but if you have a good look around my bedroom, you’ll probably find one) but top quality items from top quality brands. I’m very excited to tell you about my new Lush bath products I ordered online today, and to either review or rant about them in the near future. Am I the only one really excited about the wonderful christmasy bath bombs just sitting tantalizingly on those shelves??

And when I’ve rated every single product, I’m sure I’ll find something to express my views on either positively or negatively- I’m a very inventive person!

I’ll also be posting recommendations and maybe a few random posts just to throw in some fun…

Either you’re liking this or not, don’t leave. It’ll sure be a very lonely life without Kate Wren there to help you out.So there you have it, I’m a teenage shortish girl from London with a serious addiction to hoarding unnecessary stuff- so what are you waiting for? Get reading!

Kate X

PS. X-mas is coming! I might consider publishing a helpful little list of easy and cheap gifts for those difficult people in your life! Got any ideas? Post your prezzie plan down below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

A Bit About Me

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