Benefit Primping With The Stars Review

The front cover


Helpful tips and hints Benefit have provided at the top of the product
Helpful tips and hints Benefit have provided in the inside lid of the product


The kit includes a mirror underneath the tips- perfect for outings!
The kit includes a mirror underneath the tips- perfect for outings!
The mirror comes with a protective cover (however, I have removed it for this shot)
The mirror comes with a protective cover (however, I have removed it for this shot)


I’ve started really loving Benefit. I discovered their fantastic products while browsing through and ever since then I haven’t been able to stop loving their stuff. Pricey, but good quality. Especially this gorgeous ‘fake it’ kit that includes nearly everything you could wish for in a easy, quick morning make up routine. Including They’re Real! Beyond MascaraStay Don’t Stray! Stay- Put PrimerBenetint Rose- Tinted Lip and Cheek StainSome Kind- A- Gorgeous- Medium Foundation Faker, Girl Meets Pearl Cream and The POREfessional Pro Balm– Well, what can I say? Wow!

Let’s start with the packaging. Like everything in the Benefit range, all their products are beautifully and thoughtfully packaged. This adorable pastel pink and blue ‘book’ is no different, but practical too with magnetic sides to stop the kit flapping open. Internally, it is also a lovely and well- planned design. Placed in specially shaped holes in the packaging, numbered and with extra special tips has sure made my stressful morning a lot easier. I love the diagrams too, and the mirror, which is so useful when popping out for a bit just to check you haven’t suddenly got lipstick on your teeth!

The actual products are also impressive. Let’s start with the mascara, which is also packaged very nicely. The wand is very easy to use and gives a bold finish. Sadly, it is not waterproof (I’m a sucker for sad films) but usually I only apply to my outer lashes to give a subtle look. It is a very black black, so if you are the one who usually pops on some brown mascara everyday then maybe save this for a night out. Next up is the primer. Okay, I have to admit I don’t really use primer that much. In fact, I’m not really one for eyeshadow or concealer at all. I’m young enough not to have to use concealer (yay!) and eyeshadow, well, I only own about two in total (and one has already crumbled to its death). So primer? Not for me. This primer? Good. Moisturizing and it blends easily into your skin, and for the one eyeshadow I have used over it, the result has been that none of the powder budged.

Next please! Now it’s the ‘benetint’. I absolutely love this! A definite fave for my cheeks (I usually use the Stila Lip Glazes for my lips, which I will review….one day!), this tint is simple to use. Simply stroke three times across the cheekbones, and rub in. Da Da! It gives you a lovely rosey glow and for some reason it smells like roses…I think (you never know, it might just be my sense of smell. The other day my Mum was making meatballs and I could smell strawberry jelly *rolls eyes*). I have tried it on my lips once and it gives a slight crimson pout, but nothing particularly special for me personally.

The ‘foundation- faker’ also gets a thumbs up from me. The only difference, really, from a real foundation is that it is more sheer and gives a lighter coverage and overall feels lighter on the skin. For me, it definitely evens out my complexion. It is also very creamy and feels very moisturizing! A definite plus to your makeup bag.

Now a round of applause for both the Girl Meets Pear Cream and the POREfessional! For starters, I don’t think I can explain just how much I love my GMP facial cream. Layered over my cheek tint, I actually do have a resemblance to Snow White, with my super soft dimples I feel as if I have transformed from an ordinary girl to a princess! And I’m not even joking. This facial cream gives an enchanting look (and feel), dries quickly without nearly any rubbing in and is a pleasure to use. Trust me, just buy this and your life is complete. Or maybe it could be applied to  a Christmas list?                               My POREfessional cream is also very good too. I have noticed a drastic difference in the number of spots I am getting, and my skin looks a lot healthier.

Overall, Benefit’s Primping With The Stars kit is amazing for me, the only thing they could have done to improve it is maybe made getting out the individual products a bit easier. For someone with short fingernails, this is a great difficulty. I spent nearly half an hour last week scrabbling at my fake foundation like a desperate animal. Anyway, a great bargain for what it’s worth! A definite recommendation.

Have you discovered any more Benefit miracles? Comment down below…

Kate X

Benefit Primping With The Stars Review

2 thoughts on “Benefit Primping With The Stars Review

  1. Reify says:

    That’s probably the best set Benefit has! I love really love their box-o-powders. I have Hervana, Coralista and Hoola and they are some of my favourite everyday cheek products.

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